About Us

A link between advertisers and the COMMUNITY market

SRN Media is an initiative set to revolutionise access to all the communities across South Africa. Encompassing a full turn around solution, clients are able to gain access to all mediums across the country. We ensure our clients’ campaigns are relevant and professionally run across our network. With our 360 degree approach, we offer the most cost effective national coverage available from one point of contact.

We as SRN Media have committed ourselves to all the elements that we use within our network and to our advertisers, to ensure the best campaigns possible with maximum reach. We pride ourselves on our experience, focus and understanding, not only of our products but more importantly and specifically the various target markets.

Our Values

Our Vision & Mission

Our purpose at SRN Media is to be recognised as the top source of 360 degree campaign advertising by:

  1. Providing a quality service to our clients optimising their return on investment
  2. Providing cost effective solutions for our clients
  3. Creating individual campaigns to focus on our client’s needs
  4. Uplifting the community broadcasting profile and effectiveness

SRN Media is a link between advertisers and the South African market. We aim to add value to our client’s product by the dedicated enhancement of professionalism within the advertising community.

SRN Media ensures you have maximum exposure for your brand across the right channels, influencing all the communities across South Africa.

A 360° approach on advertising

Combining different mediums in order to expand brand awareness, connecting you with South Africa.

What Our Clients Say