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STUDENT RADIO NETWORK is an initiative set to revolutionise access to the most financially lucrative market in South Africa. Encompassing a full turn around solution, clients are able to gain access to airtime across South Africa from one contact point. With peace of mind that the airtime is allocated correctly and the airtime schedule is followed correctly by student broadcasters.

Student run stations are, and will forever remain community radio stations. However, this does not mean they have less potential than commercial stations. The loyalty of radio listenership is what marketers sell. We believe the audience these stations have, are not only the most loyal, but are an extremely viable and influential market.

STUDENT RADIO NETWORK dedicates itself to these stations, providing the tools to get them to a professional broadcasting standard, which in turn allows national advertisers to tap into this market. These stations have evolved enormously since inception and are continuingly growing, reaching far beyond students and have a large listenership in the metropolitan area they broadcast to. Most, if not all, talented DJ’s have used these stations as a stepping stone to launch themselves into leading commercial stations.

Broadcasting is an advertising medium that requires experience, focus and understanding, not only of the product but more importantly and specifically the target market. Radio has proven itself to be a very effective medium worldwide and Student Radio is no different. We have committed ourselves to the stations within our network and to our advertisers.

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